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Relaxing with tibetan bowls


The Tibetan Bowls are used worldwide for the meditation , relax and wellness . This is a good way to relax or meditate . The vibrations of tibetan bowls are very powerfull and is able to heal your chakra.To make the most of this experience body relaxation , lie down, dim the lights to create a casual and concentrate on your breathing. . Even if your day was stressful, it is over and now you will think of you and only you. If stressful thoughts going through your head does not dwell there and concentrate on your breathing will become slow and you put in a state of well-being .As you practice this relaxation exercise . Welcome the sounds of Tibetan bowls . Let the vibrations enter you and let you go progressively to a Deep relaxation . Do not forget to set the timer so that the sound gradually decreases at the same time that you fall asleep. If you have trouble you release you can focus on the sound of Tibetan bowls and try to build you a dream with the sounds you hear. Then let this dream take you to deep sleep .You can also use the application to a meditation session , yoga or relaxation ritual . Tips: - Install yourself in a comfortable position - Create a relaxation to the environment using for example essential oils - Dim or turn off the lights to be in the dark- Avoid any stressful thoughts or are not careful, the goal is to be in a positive state of mind - Try to feel all tensions of your body to fly slowlyEveryone is not sensitive to the Tibetan bowls but if you are, the meetings may only be beneficial.If you say too long I need to relax , I'm too stressed out , I can not seem to sleep more so try this application. We advise you for your wellness to also have a healthy diet to Sport and practice exercises relaxation regular. The more you do regularly and your body gets used to the relax and you will feel better.ideal for Mindfulness meditation, decrease depression - anxiety - stress, improve wellness wellbeing relaxation state